Rotator Cuff Sprain, Strain and tears

Rotator Cuff

Rotator Cuff is a group of four muscles at the top of our shoulder joint.

  • Reason - It is the most common condition which can be related to the shoulder pain. These muscles can be injured for various reason, few of these reasons can be car accident, fall on the shoulder, heavy lifting and over head activities.
  • Assessment - Proper assessment involves history taking, examination and special tests, which help physiotherapist figure out which of the muscle/muscles are injured at Sheer Health physiotherapy London Ontario.

Ankle Ligament sprain

Ankle Ligament Sprain

Ankle Ligament Sprain is the one of the most common conditions in the foot. Anterior Talofibular is the most common ligament in the ankle which can be sprained. You can have this sprain by rolling over your ankle. The pain in the ankle might start right away and you can feel a crack in the ankle. There can also be significant swelling associated with this condition.

  • Reason- Some of the reasons can be improper training, improper shoes, muscle imbalance in ankle musculature and improper training surface.