Splints and Braces

Splints and Braces

After any type of injury, support to the injured part is very important. This support can be provided by the braces and splints.

Braces help to provide an optimal position to the body part for proper healing, decrease pain, decrease swelling and prevent reoccurrence of the injury to the body part.

We have Braces which are available for different conditions, joints and the braces also vary in amount of support they provide to the body part or joint.

Custom made braces-

We also make custom braces for the patients which need special type and size of braces.

Most commonly prescribed braces at SH Physiotherapy London Ontario are -

  • Knee brace
  • Low back brace
  • Ankle brace
  • Wrist brace
  • Thumb brace
  • Elbow brace